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Book for 2019 - Updated

Our rates are in Canadian funds. For our US guests, please see note at the bottom regarding currencies.

Date Availability Rate
June 1st - June 8th Available $900 Cdn
June 8th - June 15th Booked ATB $900 Cdn
June 15th - June 22nd Booked CPK $1200 Cdn
June 22nd - June 29th Booked GCK $1200 Cdn
June 29th - July 6th Available $1200 Cdn
July 6th - July 13th Booked D.N. $1200 Cdn
July 13th - July 20th Available $1200 Cdn
July 20th - July 27th Booked K.H. $1200 Cdn
July 27th - August 3rd Booked C.S.$1200 Cdn
August 3rd - August 10th Bkd. Cindy S. $1200 Cdn
August 10th - August 17th Booked T.K. $1200 Cdn
August 17th - August 24th Booked B. S. $1200 Cdn
August 24th - August 31st Available $1200 Cdn
August 31st - September 7th Booked K.H. $900 Cdn
September 7th - September 14th Available $900 Cdn
September 14th - September 21st Booked L.S. $900 Cdn

We are unable to remain exposed to fluctuating exchange rates of other currencies over long periods of time. However, for your convenience, we are happy to accept payments in US funds. Upon booking your stay, we will advise you of the amount in US Dollars that should be paid as your deposit. Your deposit will be converted to the Canadian equivalent when it is received.

When your final payment (including the security and cleaning deposit) is due, we will advise you by e-mail of the appropriate amount to be paid in US funds. That will also be converted to Canadian funds at the rate prevailing at the time of receipt. When refunding your deposit, we will calculate the total amount we have received from you in the Canadian equivalent, deduct the quoted rental rate, and adjust the remaining balance as converted back to US dollars. You will be provided with a full accounting at that time.


  Email or Phone (905) 895-8710 Liz and Andy Betterton