"The Bay"
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The McGregor Bay Experience

Hanging Rock
Hanging Rock - The North end of the "Little Canal", less than ten minutes canoe paddle from the cottage.

People in the Bay enjoy a relaxed pace of life. They tend to create their own amusements. You can have an easy climb in the nearby Killarney Mountains, journey for a picnic at Red Sand Beach, sail in the stronger breezes of the Outer Bay, or paddle your canoe in sheltered bays and channels. Of course the fisherman will enjoy casting for smallmouth bass, trolling for northern pike, or just still fishing for yellow perch. You should also count on catching up on your reading. 

Peace and tranquility are aspects mentioned by every visitor. There is a spiritual aspect to walking through the cathedrals of whispering white pines. The totally dark sky will amaze you on a clear night. You have never seen so many stars, sparkling right down to the horizon, and the family will enjoy counting meteors. At McGregor Bay, people discover their contemplative side, and come away with their energies recharged. Residents feel uniquely privileged to share this special place with nature.
Bald Eagle
Photo of Bald Eagle taken near the cottage


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